Abi, Maid for Pleasure

3 years ago

It is such tiring work cleaning and mopping all day. I think maybe its time to have a little fun. Why don’t you lie down on the floor and I will stand over you in my maid’s uniform and you can look under my skirt [..] read more

Personal Service Nurses

5 years ago

It seems that some poor fellow is feeling poorly and he called our visiting nurse line and requested two nurses in real nurse uniforms with garter belts and stockings to come over and treat his malady. Nurse Christy and I [..] read more

Abi the Sexy Nurse

9 years ago

Are you feeling a little out of sorts? Perhaps Nurse Abi can help. I could let you peek under my sexy uniform if you think that might make you feel a little better. In fact I could stand over you so you look up at my [..] read more