Miss Abi’s Shiny Girdle

3 years ago

I think wearing vintage underwear is just the greatest turn on. A tight shiny maroon girdle with a shiny satin red panel tugging at my stocking tops, a red circle stitch bullet bra that holds my big boobs so tight they only [..] read more

Dressed to Thrill

3 years ago

You caught me in the bathroom doing my nails for a big night out….in my elegant red cocktail dress. I can see you peeking under my skirt and I think you probably noticed my leopard print panties. Would you like to see [..] read more

Look Up My Skirt

5 years ago

I am such a sexy housewife in my pure sixties outfit. I welcome you home and let you peek up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my sexy panties. I know how much you like to peek. I do a very sexy skirt lifting show for you and [..] read more

Lingerie Laundry Day

8 years ago

I have to wash my lingerie today. I thought you might enjoy joining me, but you have to lay down on the floor, because I want to stand over you so you can see my dirty panties under my dress before I toss them in the washing [..] read more

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