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Carnaby Street Abi

Swinging London. The sixties. Mini skirts and stockings. Girdles and sexy panties and fab bras. This was such a groovy time for sexy clothes. I thought you might just like to take a little trip down memory lane and peek up my very short mini. In fact it is so short my stockings show and if I bend over you can see my shiny red panties and black girdle. My skirt is very tight and my panty lines are also very visible. Girls today don’t know what they are missing. These clothes turn heads and I love wearing them. I want to show off this sexy underwear for you so you can sit back, take your cock in your hand and enjoy my little show. If you lay down on the floor you will get an even better view of my panties and girdle. Watch me lift my skirt and show off my panties through my tight black girdle. I hope your hand is busy as you watch me lift my top and show off my big boobs in my sexy push up brassiere. I pull my titties out and let you come up nice and close. I take off my short skirt and pose for you in my girdle, panties, bra, stockings and sexy knee high mod boots. But I have a little surprise for you. I hope you are ready because I squat down in front of you, reach up for your hard cock and well, I think you will enjoy this show.
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