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Miss Abi’s Panty Seduction of Pretty Judy, Part 1

Judy is visiting Miss Abi and after a cup of tea and a discussion involving lingerie, Abi leads her new friend pretty Judy into her bedroom to show off her panty collection. The two girls are sitting on the bed surrounded with panties. They are both in skirts and Abi is showing Judy some very pretty panties. Their legs open and we can see up their skirts as Abi offers Judy a pair of very shiny purple bikini briefs to look at. She holds them in front of her black panties with her skirt hiked up. Abi leans over and slides her hand over Judy’s tight top and gropes her boobs. Judy is unsure at first but starts to enjoy the attention. Abi goes further and slides her hand under her top as Judy’s legs are spread and she is playing with the purple panties. Abi, the dirty girl, takes Judy’s hand and puts it on her own boobs. Now Judy is relaxing and certainly enjoying it. Both the girl’s legs spread and you look right up their skirts at their sexy panties and stocking tops. Abi gets Judy on her knees and begins to play with her bottom. She plays with Judy’s dark blue hip hugger bikini panties, smiling like the cat that ate the canary. Abi stands and does the sexiest striptease in her very tight skirt. As Judy rubs her pussy through her panties, Miss Abi teases her with a panty line show and slowly lifts her skirt to show off her lavender full bottom bikini panties and garter belt. There are some great panty and stocking close up pictures. Abi unbuttons her top and shows off her huge tits to Judy who is lying on the bed, panties everywhere, with her skirt hiked up and her hand on her panties. Miss Abi then points at pretty Judy and tells her it is her turn…hmmmm will Judy be too shy? Who knows.
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