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Welcome Home. Would You Like To See Under My Dress?

I know its been a long day and you must be beat, but I have a little surprise for you. I want you to sit back, take your cock out of your trousers and watch me lift my skirt and show off my sexy slip, panties, your favorite garter belt (of course) and my big titties in my bra. I know you are very hard now watching me hike up my dress. Here, let me stand over you to give you that “special” view from down below. I know how much you enjoy that. Would you like to see my slip? Of course you can if you promise to keep stroking your cock for me. In fact I will show you my titties and my bra straps up close and even my sexy panties. But here is the surprise. We can masturbate together with my sexy vibrator. Are you ready yet? I am sure you are. I will pull my panties down, squat on the kitchen floor with my legs spread and we can cum together, baby.
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