Abi’s Bouncing Boobies

12 months ago

What is more fun than watching huge tits bounce around? You get to watch me bouncing on my bed in my short skirt which flies up exposing my big panties and garter belt. I take off my top and my titties bounce around in my [..] read more

Miss Abi Gets Soaked

1 year ago

And I do mean soaked. I find something terribly erotic and thrilling about getting wet in my clothes. Especially when I wear dark underwear. You can watch as I pour cold water over my sheer blouse and my black bra begins to [..] read more

Panty Laundry

1 year ago

Mary has dropped by in her pretty denim skirt and stockings. I am wearing a bright red business suit. Its panty laundry day and I show Mary some of my panties. As I bend over, she is crouching down, showing off her panties [..] read more

Yes We Have No Bananas

1 year ago

But actually, I do. Why don’t you join me in the kitchen while I show of my sexy sheer panties with the seam that runs right down the middle of my bottom. I lift my dress to give you a good view of my panties and [..] read more

Look Up My Skirt

1 year ago

I am such a sexy housewife in my pure sixties outfit. I welcome you home and let you peek up my skirt and catch a glimpse of my sexy panties. I know how much you like to peek. I do a very sexy skirt lifting show for you and [..] read more

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