Abi, Maid for Pleasure

big tits abigail fraser
3 years ago

It is such tiring work cleaning and mopping all day. I think maybe its time to have a little fun. Why don’t you lie down on the floor and I will stand over you in my maid’s uniform and you can look under my skirt [..] read more

Sexy Vintage Slut Lingerie

3 years ago

Remember when groping a girl was always full of surprises. Today girls wear skimpy thongs and maybe a bra and that’s it. I think that is just plain dull. In the fifties, sixties, and seventies, there was more variety [..] read more

Dirty Miss Fraser

older woman young girl
3 years ago

I can be such a wicked lady when I know I can get away with it. I have dressed pretty Mary up in the tightest white pants with red bikini panties, a black garter belt and stockings underneath. And you can clearly see them. I [..] read more

Lingerie Laundry Day

upskirt girdle
4 years ago

I have to wash my lingerie today. I thought you might enjoy joining me, but you have to lay down on the floor, because I want to stand over you so you can see my dirty panties under my dress before I toss them in the washing [..] read more

Girdle Catfight

4 years ago

Bitch slapping, pillow fighting, hair pulling, titty twisting, stocking legs spread wide, no panties. Damn I am a dirty girl and I will make sure I beat the living you know what out of sexy Christie. Why? Because I can and [..] read more

Ironing My Panties

milf abigail fraser
4 years ago

Not every girl irons her panties, but I do like to have wrinkle free knickers when I go out. You never know who is going to see them. I am wearing a black lacy shift dress under a blazer while I iron my panties. If you get [..] read more

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