Abi Fraser’s Cucumber

10 months ago

That’s right. I am all alone in the kitchen, horny as a toad, with a cucumber. Should I make a cucumber sandwich or should I?????? Well, you know me. What do you think? I am wearing a very proper dress and I stand [..] read more

Yes We Have No Bananas

2 years ago

But actually, I do. Why don’t you join me in the kitchen while I show of my sexy sheer panties with the seam that runs right down the middle of my bottom. I lift my dress to give you a good view of my panties and [..] read more

Abi Fraser, Stocking Slut

2 years ago

This leopard print slut skirt is so short my stocking tops and garters show. It turns heads when I walk around in it. I want you to come up really close and get a peek at my stockings being stretched and tugged by my black [..] read more

Batter Up

4 years ago

Actually I am not much of a baseball fan, but wait till you see how I can swing a bat. But first, I want you to peek at my sexy, very sheer bikini panties. I want you to crawl under my sheer dress. There is lots of light and [..] read more

Abi Stretched to the Max

4 years ago

I got so horny when I put on my totally see through dress with my vintage panties, black garter belt and sexy black bra. And when I pose for you to show off my panties, when I lift my skirt, and when I spread my legs in my [..] read more

Abi, the Sexy Girdle Mom

4 years ago

Did your mom ever wear girdles? I bet she did. My mom wore girdles every day and when I was old enough she showed me how to wear a girdle as well. I was very proud when I first went out in a girdle. I felt so grown up. A [..] read more

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