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Miss Abi and Pretty Minnie Part 1

I can be such a wicked woman. I invited sexy Minnie over and told her to wear her sexy stockings that I know Mr. Beckman had bought her. Well, she appeared in the hottest booty shorts, knee high boots, and garter belt. Her stockings were on full display. When she stepped in the door, I just couldn’t keep my hands off of her. I play with her shorts and pull them up so you can see her shiny panties. Minnie is horny for sure and we kiss and grope. It is a hot an horny moment as we feel each other up and rip off our clothes. Minnie lifts up my dress and soon we are down to our garter belts, panties and stockings. This is so sexy. I feel like such a wicked woman because Minnie is half my age. But she does enjoy sex and loves sex with women as well as men. What a catch.
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