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Big Panty Lesbians in Lingerie

My buddy Kathy came buy for coffee this morning and didn’t she just want to know what I was wearing under my dress. She asked if I was wearing my “big” panties so I showed her. Sure enough, I was wearing my 1950’s very transparent full cut briefs. The kind that slutty women would wear. I asked Judy to show me her panties. She lets me lift up her dress and she is wearing very sexy pink big panties, but more modest than mine. I am wearing a wide waisted garter belt and Kathy is wearing a very sexy low-rise garter belt under her panties. We play with each other’s panties and slips, so you get to see some very sexy panty and bottom pictures. We strip each other down to our slips; show off all our underwear lines through the sheer material and then strip to our panties, garter belts, bras, stockings and heels. We just can’t keep our hands off each other as we grope our sexy underwear. The next thing you know we are embracing, kissing, and feeling each other up. This could get very interesting.
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