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Panty Laundry

Mary has dropped by in her pretty denim skirt and stockings. I am wearing a bright red business suit. Its panty laundry day and I show Mary some of my panties. As I bend over, she is crouching down, showing off her panties up her skirt. Her garter belt peeks out of her waistband and she looks so hot. I look down her blouse and can peek at her brassiere and boobs, which is such a sexy view. We both hike up our skirts and show off our stocking tops and you can lie on the floor and look up and see under our skirts with our legs open. I know that makes you horny. We hitch up our skirts all the way up and I show off my sheer white briefs and garter belt to Mary. She plays with my panties and then pulls them down and plays with them. She takes a pair of shiny black bikini panties and slides them up my stockinged legs. You can see her panties peeking out as she does this. We grope each other’s bottoms in our panties and then I slide Mary’s white panties off and dress her in some very sexy, sheer bikini panties. More underskirt shots and I even get a chance to play with Mary’s pussy as we grope and show off our panties. We kiss and hug and I slowly strip down to my bright red full length slip as Mary poses for me. I have a feeling this could get very hot and heavy in our sexy panties and stockings.
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