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Dirty Miss Abi and The Lucky Plumber

I really needed my pipes fixed. I tried everything to clear my drains, so what’s a girl to do? Call the plumber. I walked into the kitchen, feeling pretty sexy in my hot dress, stockings, knee high boots, ultra push up bra, and my pink girdle with no panties. There he is on his back trying to blow out my pipe when I thought maybe he might enjoy his pipe being blown. So I have a quick word about my sink and I see him looking up my dress at my girdle and naked pussy. He commented on my sexy stocking tops and being the shy wallflower that I am, I just had to pull out his cock. I told him that I wanted him to jerk off as I watched. He was eager as I stood over him so he could look up my dress. I posed, lifted my dress and then sat on his face smothering him in nylon. He was so damn horny; I thought he was going to blow right there and then. But it gets better. I strip while I am standing over him. I let him look up at my large breasts, which look huge in this sexy bra, and then I slowly squat down on his face and grind my pussy on his mouth. I pull out my tits then lean over and blow his pipe right to the hilt. You can see my lipstick stain all the way down. He was way down the back of my throat. And if I do say so myself, I am a brilliant cocksucker and I think you will agree. Then I jerk him off as I grind my clit on his face and blow him until he cums. You can see it dripping down my face, smearing my lipstick. Do you think I am a rude girl? I hope so.

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