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Abi’s Girdle, Panty, and Banana Fun

Its nice that you could stop by and join me in my kitchen. Would you like a cup of coffee? Take this hot, steaming cup of java and have a seat and watch as I entertain you in my proper blazer and shift dress. I bet you are wondering what I am wearing under this tight black dress. Why don’t you take out your cock and show me how much you would like to see up my dress. I slowly, very slowly hike up my dress. You catch a glimpse of my stocking tops, then my garter straps, the bottom of my sheer black girdle, and then my shiny blue satin bikini panties. You can see my panties clearly through my tight girdle. You naughty boy, you are getting very hard aren’t you. I will give you the same teasing skirt lifting show from behind so you can see my bottom in my panties through my girdle. I squat down so you can look up my dress and tease you by holding my hand exactly where your cock should be as I grip it along with you. Damn I bet you are horny now, but then so am I. I strip our of my blazer and slowly unzip my tight shift dress. First my sexy blue bra strap comes in into view, then as I pull my top down, you can see the top of my girdle above my skirt, then I slip out of it and show off in my large full cup brassiere, girdle, panties, stockings and very hot come fuck me tie wrapped ankle strap high heels. The black straps are wrapped around the Paris heels of my nylons. I bend over in front of you and my tits hang down in my bra. I just know you are dying to see my huge boobs. Do you enjoy stroking your cock as you enjoy my lingerie show? It makes me very horny to know I have an audience, especially when I pull out my tits and show them off with my bra cups folded under, pushing them way up firm and high. But now I want to get off as well, so you just sit back with your cock in your hand, on the edge of cumming and watch as I pull aside my shiny panties, take a ripe banana, spread my legs as wide as I can and slowly slide the banana deep in my cunt. I love to say that word when I am horny. My cunt is very swollen like your cock as I slide the banana deep inside me. You can see just how horny I am as I fuck the banana. Are you ready now? Are you sure? Because I want us to cum….together….soon….soon….soon….OK now is the time. Lets do it together. Awwwwww now didn’t that feel good? I know you love looking at ladies in sexy underwear as much as I love wearing it.

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