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Miss Abi’s Little Accident

My day didn’t go as planned. I arrived home just a little too late. I had to pee desperately and I even thought I wouldn’t make it home. I rush in the door in my very tight white pants. I had been flirting with the boys showing off my garter belt and panties all day through the sheer material of my trousers. I am just doubled up and bursting. I know I won’t quite make it to the bathroom and I was right. It all came flooding out in a torrent all down my pants and all over the floor. What a site. My trousers are soaked so I strip down to my vintage lacy bra, garter belt, tan stockings and soaking wet panties. I begin to clean up the mess with my pants and then have another accident. I slip onto the floor and now I am covered and soaking. But I find it strangely stimulating and erotic. I slide around in the wetness enjoying the sensuousness of it all. And even the taste. What an amazing experience. I must do this again.
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