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Miss Abi’s Girdle and Panties

Would you like to peek under my lovely sixties mini dress? I know you can see my stocking tops and are surely wondering what is holding them up. Well, come closer as I ever so slowly lift my dress. Now you can see above my stockings and catch a glimpse of my suspender strap, and now just a hint of red. Are you getting excited? Hoping I am wearing a girdle? Well you are in luck because I hike my dress all the way up to show off my bright red vintage open bottom girdle. In fact I hitch it up so high, you can see my sexy white push up bra and my huge titties. I love having such large breasts. But I want you down on the floor. Now. I want you to take out your cock and rub it for me because I am going to stand above you in my knee high black boots, so you can look up under my dress and see my white panty crotch. I love wearing white nylon bikini panties with such a wide crotch. You know why? Because when I cross my legs or crouch down, my panties are clearly visible. I always let men peek up my skirt. Now I do a slow and sexy striptease for you. I walk around in my girdle, panties, stockings, bra (with my tits just struggling to pop out) and pose just the way you like. But now I know you are masturbating looking at my sexy body in my hot underwear, so I pull out my titties, spread my legs, pull my panties aside and masturbate along with you. I know how much you enjoy looking at panties, girdles and stockings…not to mention tits. So if you are ready, we can cum together when ever you like.

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