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Would you like to see my sexy red bikini panties? I bet you would but first let me show you my slinky ankle length cocktail dress. I think it is very sexy especially when I pull my titties out. It reminds me of the original topless dresses in the sixties. I would never have been as brave back then. But now I am very proud of them and it does make me hot to be looked at. I slowly lift my dress and when I get it all the way up, I bend over so you can see my panties stretched across my ass and my black garter belt above the waistband. Then I show off my toes in my black pumps before I strip out of my sexy dress and pose just the way you like in my shiny red bikini panties, black garter belt, stockings and heels. I spread my legs so wide and let you look at my panties over my pussy, and then I pull my panties aside so you can see my hairy pussy up close. I know that makes you horny because it makes me hot as well. Showing off my pussy in panties is so sexy.
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